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finale zuko


Okay SO.

Deviantart people (I suspect Kataangers!) reported some of my Zutara pieces as copyright breach. (*sighs* Never mind)

I've decided to post them here to make myself feel better lol.


collab My sis drew Yue I did the BG

 <-- Impressionistic style Zuko :D

 <-- Impressionistic style {small version} Sokka, thinking of Yue.

      Sokka icons! Cause everyone loves Sokka :D

Fire Lord Zuko and Fire Lady Katara ;P


Manip of Kingdom Hearts Belle into Katara (Says kaguya 'cause I was Trying to do fanart for a fanfiction on FF...I should see if that's updated...lol)

An amalgam of my Zutara week pics (I forgot one >.> but can't be arsed editing it in lol)

Manipulation. The one I forgot to add :3 (not the best I know)

Stare. (yeah SO not in order of the week lolz)

Mythology. Zuko and Katara as Hades and Persephone.

Electrifying....yes, my name is Captain Obvious! :D

<-- yeahhhh fecked up proportions here...ah wells

<-- Toph asked Sokka when he made a remark to Zuko about the 'first blue eyed firelord' ....I swear! (2a.m finish point = none too bright text :S)

Well it is.